Siobhán’s relieved that Brian’s not burnt; Debbie and Oliver arrange for a combine to be shipped in from Hungary

Radio Times: Oliver saves the day.

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  • Ruth has met Siobhán at the library – she’s been looking for more books on wild flowers. Siobhán has rather a turn when she hears about the fire at Home Farm – even when she knows no one was hurt. She makes a quick call from the ladies. Turns out France isn’t likely to be on. But as long as Brian is all right. That’s all she cares about – she’d even forgotten the divorce hearing was today.
  • Debbie is feeling very bad about letting David down. Brookfield will be able to sue Home Farm so their premiums will go up next year. And they can’t get the harvest in. What are they going to do?
  • Mike is coming on very well at his dancing – much more confident. The dinner dance should be a gala occasion for Betty. Lynda has spotted him doing a bit of practice while delivering the milk. She thinks it might be the male menopause. Oliver has the idea of trying Hungary. They will have combines lying idle. Even though it’s a long way, their main harvest will be over. Seems to cheer Debbie and Oliver up a bit. They should be able to have something on the transporter tomorrow. It should take only 24-36 hours. It’s going to be a nerve wracking weekend.

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