Jack rashly agrees to Joe building a shed and Jennifer shows Eddie her new vase.

Radio Times: Brian is in despair.

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  • Eddie is worried about whether he will still get his work at Home Farm after the fire. Clarrie doesn’t want to worry them but Eddie needs to know where he stands. Clarrie isn’t too keen on the stable either – or the horse. They’ll have to talk to Jack Woolley about it. She couldn’t bear it if they lost the house again. Eddie thinks the answer is tell him they are going to build a shed. They don’t need to tell him what they are going to put in it.
  • Debbie and Brian aren’t having any luck finding a new combine. The trouble is there is no slack in the system anymore. There are a few more people to try but it’s not looking good.
  • Jack isn’t keen on the shed idea abut when he hears its to tidy away all the clutter it sounds like a better idea and he doesn’t see why not.
  • Jennifer agrees to let Eddie know as soon as possible about the work. One good turn deserves another. She is so pleased with the vase Eddie helped Brian picked out. Oh that’s the vase is it – it really looks different with the flowers in it – that must have been what confused Eddie. Yes, he definitely recognises it now ……
  • Eddie is impressed with the way Joe has convinced Jack but Clarrie is shocked at the bare faced lies. Joe isn’t the only one who is being economical with the truth. Clarrie remembers about the vase – it was such a nice gesture but Eddie doesn’t think she’d have wanted him to do the same. Jennifer’s vase is definitely not the one he picked out at the boot sale. Why would he buy one vase and give Jennifer another …
  • Still no luck with the combine. They’ve tried everyone they can think of. The crop is going to be ruined. If they don’t find anything tomorrow, they’re sunk.

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