The Home Farm combine goes up in smoke but the shocked driver got out in time.

Radio Times: Disaster at Home Farm.

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  • Debbie is annoyed that Brian is still trying to interfere with the running of the farm. He’s upset Jeff now. Brian will try and keep out of the way.
  • Jill is babysitting yet again while Ruth goes shopping. She’s going to get some guidance from Lynda on where to go on a wild flower hunt (have we slipped into a parallel universe here?). Apparently the children love wild flowers. Jill is trying to sell Kenton to David again. He’s not interested but Jill thinks he might have outstayed his welcome at Lower Loxley. And there’s the complication of Kathy – serious enough to make her neglect her work. And now he’s taking her to the cricket club dance. That is probably a big deal for Kathy. David can’t see what anyone sees in him. He isn’t much of a prospect. Apparently he’s looking into “a couple of business opportunities”. David wonders – does Kathy even have any savings …
  • Lynda is now thinking about other options for the County Wild Flower (this is definitely a parallel universe). Baby Spice has eaten most of them but there maybe something for the children to see. Maybe they should go for a Shakespearean theme – he must have strayed into Borsetshire from Warwickshire.
  • Ruth notices smoke coming from the Home Farm combine – the driver doesn’t seem to have noticed. The engine is on fire. Jeff is really very shocked. He could have died. The combine is a right off and they are likely to lose the whole field. They will be insured but they will be lucky to find a combine replacement at this late stage. Brian is blaming Debbie for Jeff cutting corners on maintenance checks. Debbie points out that if he hadn’t interfered everything would have been fine her way. Brian is not impressed. Even Jennifer trying to calm the storm doesn’t help. Brian sees bankruptcy looming.

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