Elizabeth fails to warn Kathy about her brother, who agrees to take her to the Cricket Club Dinner.

Radio Times: Kathy gets a ticking off.

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  • Emma tells Kathy she had a good weekend away but Kathy had already heard from Susan in the shop. Apparently Susan might have fancied the hotel herself. It was really Neil who wasn’t keen on them going away together. Kathy says her parents were the same. They didn’t approve of her taste in men. Not surprising as Kenton appears to distract her from her work. He wants free booze to help put his Uncle Cedric character into context.
  • Kenton thinks Cedric is bound to be an expert on fine wines for the wine festival – more than Kenton is. Nigel thinks he might be settling down a bit. Just as well because Elizabeth has to buy Julia’s birthday present. A pashmina should suit – blue to match her eyes.
  • Joe has turned up with Bartleby to offer rides to the guests. Nigel thinks its a good idea but Elizabeth will need to be consulted. She is pretty cross. The queue in the Orangery had got very long while Kathy was gallivanting with Kenton. Kenton tries to say it was his fault but Elizabeth isn’t impressed.
  • Elizabeth is furious with Kenton. He tries to apologise but she isn’t sure. Apart from anything else, she doesn’t want Kathy hurt but Kenton says its just a bit of fun. Elizabeth tries to warn Kathy but Kenton doesn’t give up. It’s decided. Kenton will take her to the Cricket Club Dinner to make up for the trouble he’s got her in.

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