Brian’s web tangles further. Now he must return from “Scotland” with a couple of brace of grouse.

Radio Times: Susan digs deep.

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  • Brian is fussing that the harvesting hasn’t started yet but Debbie is in control. Jennifer suggests lunch in Borchester but Brian doesn’t sound keen?.
  • Emma is tired after her weekend away and Neil is still not impressed. Susan tries to talk to her about it but Emma doesn’t want to say how it went.
  • Jennifer has decided Eddie’s digger looks rather poignant on its own on the Green – no jobs in the country. But Eddie has never been so busy. He wonders if Jennifer liked her vase – Jennifer is a bit surprised. Brian hasn’t given it to her yet.
  • Susan clears out her stuff from the surgery. One cardboard box isn’t much to show for four year’s work. Susan wants to go to sort things out with Emma. She wouldn’t say even the tiniest thing about the weekend. Susan doesn’t want the family to drift apart but Neil thinks that’s just the way things are going to be from now on.
  • Jennifer presses Brian about the vase but he doesn’t seem to remember it. Oh that vase? …what did Eddie tell you about it? …oh blue was it? …oh yes that’s it?
  • Susan tries to talk to Emma. She may not approve of them sleeping together but she doesn’t want them not to talk anymore. She just wants Emma not to make the mistakes she did. It seems to break the ice. Emma tells her a bit about the weekend.
  • Jennifer is impressed with the vase she’s been given. Apparently it was to make up for when Brian is away next week. Debbie will settle for a brace of grouse and Jennifer would like some too. Brian will do his best.

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