The “football” match at the Ambridge village fête turns a bit rough … and Darrington win.

Radio Times: Football mayhem.

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  • Roy is trying to explain the rules of the football match for Wayne who’s broadcasting it for Radio Borchester. Lynda offers her commentating skills but Hayley is already lined up by popular demand.
  • Eddie is getting his digger ready for the great event but Joe is still worried how it will work. He still hasn’t found anywhere for Bartleby and Baby Spice. Even if he can keep Bartleby, Baby Spice will still be a problem. Eddie thinks Lynda will change her mind especially when she’s happy after the match.
  • Controversial referring during the match which gets rougher than planned. Hayley’s not keen on the way Roy is being treated although Ambridge is fighting back – thanks to Ed who is getting the rough end of it until Clarrie dives in and gets the ball. Darrington win in the end though.
  • Joe tries to convince Lynda to let Barleby stay while he builds a stable for him but she is more interested in ironing her chef’s outfit for serving Tom and Kirsty’s burgers.
  • Roy and Hayley have picked up some bargains at the White Elephant – a lot of it from Tim. It’s good to see him looking so happy with Janet but it’s a pity the surgery had to close – no school, no surgery, whatever next. No houses either. That’s the sort of thing Shula should be looking at in her country petition.
  • The diggers are a great success but Lynda thinks they are obscene. A complete travesty. She’s not doing to well with the burgers either – she’s so slow.
  • Joe doesn’t pick the right moment to try to persuade Lynda. He is always wanting more time. She’ll give them till the end of the week or …

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