The surgery closes and Tim looks forward to shaking off the dust of Ambridge in two weeks time.

Radio Times: The surgery closes.

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  • Ssh! Not so loud. There are some very fragile people in Ambridge this morning after last night’s party.
  • Debbie is checking out the crops with David. Debbie had the sense to leave the party at 10:30, although her husband crawled in five hours later.
  • It’s strange how these things work out; Tim’s last patient in Ambridge is Jennifer. She delivers a touching tribute about the way he has looked after her family; they will really miss him. He felt there was a strange symmetry about the two cuckolded partners saying a fond farewell but he did not give voice to those feelings.
  • Brian is checking out a flat with Siobhán. It is on the ground floor and has a garden; she decides it is the one for her, despite Brian’s misgivings about security but that can be fixed. She is to have a proper removal firm this time and he will stump up 3 months rent in advance. They are both looking forward to Biarritz but, since the weather in Scotland will probably be poor, he had better not get a tan; they will just have to stay indoors.
  • At The Bull, the Aldridges gather for dinner and Brian confirms the forthcoming grouse shoot; Jennifer feels she is the last to find out about these things (isn’t that the truth!).
  • Tim has allowed two weeks to sort out the cottage but seems bent on doing it tonight. Janet slows him down. In two weeks he can put it all behind him and as soon as he is free they can be together. They have waited a long time and just for once, the vicar feels they should put their own happiness first.

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