Mike spills the beans. Pip cooks the 5 mile beans.

Radio Times: Mike gets an unexpected house guest.

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  • Distraught after her row with Tom, Brenda comes home to Mike. She’s unwilling to tell him the full story at first, but Mike eventually gets it out of her. Brenda blames herself – how could she have been so stupid.
  • At last the Brookfield cows can graze their new pasture. While Pip cooks a 5 mile vegetable bake, David and Ruth watch as the herd is turned out, and feel very pleased with the venture. The Snells appear, and are equally impressed. Robert is on an enforced 5 mile diet, too, and is not impressed. He’s not even allowed a pint at the Bull when he waits for Lynda to come out of a Parish Council committee meeting later.
  • Despite her nasty encounter, Usha is out training again, determined to put it behind her. Lynda gushes over Usha’s courage, but is cut short and, for once, silenced by Usha.
  • The plinth project is absorbing Lynda. She feels that an old established Ambridge family is needed to give it full iconic status. Robert suggests that Pip should stand there and deliver a lecture on the 5 mile diet.
  • Exhausted by the emotional turmoil, Brenda wants to sleep, so Mike leaves her and goes up to Grange Farm to load the float for the morning. He calls at the Bull, where he drinks the pint Robert was not allowed. He tells David and Lynda that she’s split up with Tom – and then tells them the truth; Matt has been busted for fraud.

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