Tom is furious when finds out about Brenda’s deal with Matt.

Radio Times: Tom learns some uncomfortable truths.

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  • Joe and Eddie are now trying to flog flowers for Mothering Sunday but they seem to have wrapped them up in the Keeper’s Cottage living room. And then Susan threatens to report them to the Council for fly pitching.
  • Brenda has her interview with the SFO. It’s pretty tough going and she spills the beans though the SFO sound doubtful about whether she is telling the truth. Brenda tells Tom the truth afterwards and Tom is furious and accuses her of lying and stupidity. He says he doesn’t know her anymore.
  • Ed breaks the news to Clarrie and Eddie about the tenancy. Emma is really behind the deal. She’d even be his relief milker. It’s the paperwork that’s going to be the problem. He is definitely going to go for it. And in the meantime Emma is going to apply for the job managing the Orangery Cafe at Lower Loxley – more opportunities there than at Jaxx.

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