Mike suggests a way to resolve the bull calf issue.

Radio Times: Kenton and Jim get into party mode, and Josh makes some plans for the future.

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  • Ed is worried that new customers are not coming fast enough and they will over-produce. Costs have gone up since they expanded the herd. Mike is more optimistic and is encouraged by Harry’s enthusiasm: he wants to write a blog for the website. An emergency cuts off their discussion and they have to rescue a cow that had pushed her head through a fence. Fortunately the cut is not serious. She was trying to reach a calf – one which Ed points out should not be here! Any customers Vicky does find will want a regular supply of veal and they cannot achieve that. Mike makes a suggestion: cost out the retention of bull calves, so that Vicky can see the money involved.
  • Jim has been waiting for Kenton to finish his kick-around on the Green; he wants Kenton’s help with the planning of his house-warming party on Thursday. Kenton does his best to curb Jim’s wilder notions but some remain.
  • Josh has been enthusiastically helping with the milking but is non-committal about making a career of farming. He cites Pip as an example of how things change, referring to Jude as Grandpa Simpson. Anyway he has done well and Ruth has enjoyed the company.
  • Does Jim expect his female guests to do their hair like that? Such is Ruth’s reaction when Kenton delivers Jim’s notes on Roman hairstyles. No way! Back in the parlour, Josh has made a decision: he will have girlfriends but will not get serious about them – that leads to trouble. Mum’s comment is wait until it happens!

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