Mike won’t take no for an answer. Matt is forced to say no to an offer.

Radio Times: Brenda is the bearer of bad tidings for Mike.

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  • Brenda rings Mike to tell him that, despite ringing all her friends and even the Faculty office, she’s had no luck in getting Vicky a ticket. Mike pushes it – didn’t Brenda tell them it was for her step-mum? No, says Brenda firmly; rules are rules. Later Mike rings her, desperate to get the ticket. But Brenda stands her ground.
  • At the shop Vicky bumps into Matt, who spills his shopping. She tries to engage him in conversation, but Matt’s having none of it. Vicky’s concerned at his neglected appearance
  • Over lunch, Mike’s forced to tell Vicky about the ticket. He thinks he’ll try the Faculty office himself, and will tell them that he and Vicky are newly-weds. Vicky has a better idea – she’ll go. But Mike insists that he will do it. Meanwhile Vicky’s off to buy paint to redecorate Willow Cottage. Mike’s concerned that he’s got no time to do it; Vicky has an answer for that, too. She’ll pay for a painter and decorator. Mike gives in without a murmur.
  • An art dealer calls on Matt, who’s selling more paintings. He offers £3000 for a set of paintings, and realises from Matt’s response that things are difficult financially. Matt shows him a favourite painting, and manages to secure a good offer on it. But when the dealer suggests that he might sell some of the antique furniture, the old Matt resurfaces. That furniture belongs to Lilian, and it’s definitely not for sale.

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