Helen helps Annette. Tom helps Tony. Brenda’s delighted that she can’t help Vicky.

Radio Times: Annette prepares for a night on the tiles.

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  • Annette’s worried about her night out with Alice and friends; they’re starting the evening in a cocktail bar, then going on for tapas and drinks. Annette’s got nothing to wear to such posh venues. Helen’s oddly anxious to lend Annette her new dress and best strappy sandals – and even offers to pick Annette up, or pay for a taxi.
  • At Bridge Farm, Tony’s suffering with his back. Tom urges him to rest it; he’ll take on extra work. Tony’s reluctant, knowing how busy Tom is, but is grateful, nevertheless.
  • Lilian, still in the depths over Matt, is surprised by a visit from Ian, who wants to whisk her away for a drive and afternoon tea. Lilian won’t go out, but Ian persists, even offering her a shopping trip, and eventually Lilian agrees to go to Honeysuckle Cottage for tea.
  • Tony won’t give in, and Tom’s cross to find him struggling round the farm. Tom rings Brenda to say he can’t meet her at the Bull after all.
  • Ian’s calm manner and good sense soon works on Lilian, and she pours out her grief to Ian. Sagely, he says it’s like a bereavement, and she has to go through the grieving process. He’s been through that, and knows how it feels. But for Lilian, it’s as if her whole future has dissolved.
  • Brenda orders two pizzas for her and Tom, and when he gets home, tells him some good news; she can’t get a graduation ticket for Vicky, so it will be just her dad, Roy and Tom.

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