Mike asks Brenda for a ticket for Vicky.

Radio Times: Annette shows her animal magnetism.

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  • Mike thought the honeymoon was “alright”. Quieter than expected. Newport had some nightlife but there was nothing outside of it.
  • The Brookfield combining is finished just before the weather turns. Brian on the combiner with David and Adam hauling are a good team and there’s more good news when the bad weather cancels Adam’s extra Friday night cricket practice.
  • Annette helps Alice catch a loose Spearmint and is rewarded with being invited out to meet Alice’s old college friends next week. Helen’s delighted, there’s bound to be some rivals to Jazzer.
  • Kenton’s heard from Jaxx’s owner that the bar idea is a good one but there’s no capital available for expansion.
  • Mike asks Roy for his ticket to Brenda’s graduation but Roy refuses. It’s not just that he wants to go but how much Brenda wants him to be there. So Mike pushes Brenda to try and get an extra one. She agrees and he leaves. A frustrated Brenda goes out for a moan with Helen to the Bull.

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