Vicky wants one of the three invites to Brenda’s graduation ceremony.

Radio Times: The new Mrs Tucker settles into her role.

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  • Annette’s still waiting for that call from Jazzer. Helen persists in pointing out she can do better and should move on.
  • Vicky’s been busy. All the holiday stuff washed, ironed, and put away, and a few knickknacks sprinkled around. Plus a fattening packed lunch for Mike and if he phones as he leaves work she’ll get dinner going. So no routine pint after work tonight then.
  • Susan’s starting to hear a bit too much about Vicky’s happiness but is cheered by Neil getting an order for thirty weaners a month from Rees, someone that Christopher put in touch with his dad.
  • After a filling dinner, Mike and Vicky start opening the wedding presents. The cappuccino machine from Oliver and Caroline pleases Vicky; it’s the expensive thing on the wedding list. Susan arrives with a present of luxury biscuits and is taken back by the changes to Mike’s bachelor pad. She asks after Brenda’s graduation ceremony and once she’s left Vicky asks too. Mike explains, only three tickets. Vicky says if Brenda would give her a ticket it would be wonderful; their first real outing as a family. Mike will have a word with his daughter and see what can be done.

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