Molly wins a second prize at Borsetshire Show; Mike has a dance experience he’d rather not repeat.

Radio Times: It’s Molly’s big day.

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  • It’s the day of Borchester Show and an excited Pip insists on going in the Land Rover with grandad; she’d be in the trailer with Molly if they would let her. Phil knows practically everybody in the Borsetshire pig fraternity.
  • Oliver and Caroline are at the Show too: Oliver is doing a stint on the Countryside Alliance stand. Caroline has to be back at Grey Gables in the afternoon and has Mike’s lesson at five. No problem if she is late because Oliver went to public school and therefore is used to being the woman. (Careful where you say that Olly!) Oliver and Phil reminisce about the days when farmers could work things out on the back of an envelope and there were no consultants to tell them that their wonderful pigs were not viable.
  • Passing in the lane, Davids hears from Mike all about the Grundys’ eviction by Lynda Snell.
  • Mike is in for a big surprise – a stand-in dance teacher. He is not at all comfortable with instructions not to be shy and to hold Oliver tight; it’s hot in here. He has even more difficulty with the idea that their legs should touch on the turn and is mightily relieved when Caroline appears in ball gown and takes over; that’s more like it.
  • Back at Brookfield, Pip is fast asleep clutching Molly’s rosette (a second prize). Ruth is sorry for the Grundys: they would not have these problems if they were still at Grange Farm. Was Phil disappointed with second? Not at all – chuffed to bits.

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