The Grundys have pushed Lynda too far: digger and animals, she wants to be shot of the lot.

Radio Times: Brian has a surprise for Siobhán.

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  • The Aldridges are heading for the car boot sale en famille. Brian is justifiably chastised about Debbie’s workload: he will relieve her later and maybe thay can take her out for a meal.
  • The Grundy’s are already at the car boot sale, ‘minding’ an antiques stall. Brian spots a vase which was stolen in Siobhán’s burglary. He diverts Jenny, buys it and agrees to collect it later from Eddie at Keeper’s Cottage.
  • Meanwhile Siobhán’s Sunday browsing is interrupted by Simon, a harvest widower at a loose end; he invites Siobhán to join him at the cinema but her mobile rings and suddenly she has a better offer.
  • Jennifer has an appointment with Robert, to show her a computer program, but only Lynda is at home. From Robert’s upstairs study, Lynda observes that she can see quite a lot (not that she is looking – perish the thought), for example Brian called at Keeper’s Cottage earlier (that will require some quick thinking later!) and yesterday she spotted Kenton leaving Kathy’s cottage – very early! Further discussion is interrupted by the strains of Bolero and digger engine.
  • Lynda is on the warpath. Eddie not being present, she takes possession and by trial and error aims the digger out of her paddock and onto the road, to the consternation of passing drivers – and the returning Eddie.
  • Brian’s visit to Siobhán is all too brief; he must keep his promise and help Debbie with the harvest. Siobhán will not be sorry to leave the flat, although it will have some interesting memories, and she is pleased that Brian is prepared to come and look at promising new homes. She has three days work in Biarritz coming up; why doesn’t he come too? That is a better offer than shooting in Scotland; he will see what he can do.
  • The police have backed Lynda and insist that Eddie must not return the digger to Lynda’s land; it is currently parked on the verge but she won’t have there either on a permanent basis. While she is about it, she wants the animals gone too, or she will resort to law and get them evicted.

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