Joe is the Disco Diggers disasterous conductor; Kenton dines at Kathy’s – and gets invited to stay for the night.

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  • Eddie and Joe are rambling on about old fashioned flowers. Eddie tries to get Joe involved with the diggers fiasco. Joe enquires about William and Emma’s dirty weekend (the language in this program is becoming terribly agricultural!!!). Persuaded with several pints and a bottle of whisky, Joe eventually agrees to be the conductor…… At the first practise with Joe however, things are fairly shambolic. Fat Paul still has no voice which is even more concerning!
  • Nigel and Kenton appear to be a bit more friendly with each other – until the list of volunteers is mentioned: there are still five gaps! Elizabeth appears to drag Nigel off to see Siobhán. When they go, Kathy emerges from the bushes. After a noisy kiss, she confirms that Sid is having Jamie tonight, so a cosy twosome is all but guaranteed!
  • Lizzie and Nigel have taken loads of baby clothes over to Siobhán’s house – she’s delighted. They have also taken the liberty of arranging to look at a ground floor flat with her this afternoon – what with her being unsettled after the burgulary and living in a top floor flat, and all those stairs to climb with a baby, and everything!!!
  • Romantic dinner for two at Kathy’s house. Food over and snogging on the sofa takes over. Kenton says how much he misses his daughter (in a tone of voice which belies this however). When Kathy offers more wine he declines on the basis of having to drive. Not a problem says Kathy, stay the night why don’t you………

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