Jack gives some fatherly advice on leniency to Sid; Neil gives no ground on the Emma-William situation.

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  • Mealtime (again) at the Carters. All seems well until Susan starts rabbiting on about Emma’s 18th birthday. Emma storms out and the happy gathering is not happy.
  • Sid still has a bee in his bonnet about Jazzer – he is still banned from the pub, as he makes clear to Fallon. Sid leaves as Emma and William arrive. They collectively agree that parents are a total pain in the neck.
  • Jack admires Susan’s efforts in the garden. He is tempted to follow in Sid’s footsteps and take a holiday in America. He is also full of good advice for Susan in her quest for new employment. Susan though is less enthused, other than in her efforts to make the house attractive for potential purchasers…..
  • William is advising caution to Emma in their dealings surrounding her birthday. Emma is still adamant though – not giving a toss about the feelings of her folks. The weekend away is still on it would seem.
  • It seems that Eddie has also approached Jack to be a digger conductor – only to be turned down of course. Jack is talking to Sid in the Bull when Fallon comes in to get some drinks, including one for Jazzer. Sid is having none of it and is about to go out after her but Jack stops him. He reminds him of his own chequered past and praises Jazzers friends for sticking by him. Sid (now on first name terms with Jack it would seem – that’s got to be a first!) does not see it the same way but relents all the same.
  • Susan returns from a walk, down in the dumps. She’s been thinking about Emma and William and whether they are not being just a bit hard on her. Neil is giving no quarter. He is no way going to see his daughter shacking (I’m sure that’s the word he used!!) up with a Grundy, and certainly not paying for them to ‘you know what’!!! (Ah – there’s that ‘shacking’ word again!!)

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