No luck for Eddie trying to recruit a Disco Digger conductor; Debbie punctures the combine, and Neil gets wet.

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  • David and Phil are discussing the harvest when Eddie arrives, trying to persuade Phil to conduct the ‘Disco Diggers’. After some confusion on Phils part David says ‘No’ for him!!
  • Jill is telling Ruth about Matt Crawfords revised building plans, and bemoaning the loss of the surgery. Jill is also worried about Kenton not taking any control of his life, and amused(?) at the vast numbers of people Kenton has invited to Shula’s party.
  • Eddie tries his conductor search luck with Neil, but no joy there either. In fact what with Neil being so worried about the moral well being of his daughter in the hands of a Grundy. Neil wouldn’t spit (yes – I know!!) on any of them if they were on fire right now.
  • Debbie has picked up a puncture on the combine. David is in sympathy with her, but annoyed with Neil who has not got a tarpaulin with him to cover the trailer of grain now that rain is setting in. Neil rushes to Brookfield and grabs a tarpaulin from Phil and Ruth. Debbie gives him a hand to cover the trailer. A thoroughly hacked off Neil moans to Debbie about his equally hacked off wife and the conceptual problems of Emma seeing William.
  • Pip is helping Phil to wash Molly. David, Jill and Ruth chat about the village fete, the dodgy diggers, the violent football match, and Neil’s problems with his teenage daughter. Ruth remarks about how they have all those sorts of problems to come once Pip is a bit older. Jill wistfully comments about how sweet it is that she still likes washing her grandads pig. Isn’t it just!!

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