Nigel continues to be wound up by the unreliable Kenton; Kenton tries to find out from Elizabeth who Siobhán’s baby’s father is.

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  • Kenton is showing Kathy his ‘Cedric Pargeter’ costume for the Lower Loxley celebrations. Much flirting follows resulting in an invite to dinner at Kathy’s on Friday! Brenda shows up to interview Nigel, so the oily charm is poured upon her also
  • Elizabeth is talking to Nigel, outraged at Brian’s behaviour and his blatant lies. Nigel is all for taking a back seat and not to get involved. Siobhán arrives in timely fashion, and starts crying about how grateful she is to have such good friends. Kathy sticks her head round the door to announce that Brenda has arrived, but has been abducted by Kenton in the Folly!
  • Scene: The Folly. Present: Kenton and Brenda. Kenton is chatting liberally away, asking all about Brenda’s career / life etc. He tries to persuade her to be a guide for the celebrations. Annoyed Nigel and Kathy arrive. Nigel is hacked off with Kenton and demands that the list of volunteers be on his desk by Thursday morning. Nigel and Brenda leave to do the interview, leaving Kenton to flirt more with Kathy.
  • Siobhán is pouring her worries out to Elizabeth. She is nervous being in the flat since being burgled. Kenton bursts in and Siobhán leaves. He tries to find out from Elizabeth who the baby’s father is but Elizabeth is giving nothing away (for the time being…).

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