Disquiet at the Carters as Susan looks at properties in Felpersham; Shula and Elizabeth each discover the other knows about Brian and Siobhán.

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  • It’s still happy families between Neil, Susan and Emma, who still insists that she does NOT want a party at the Bull, but would rather go away with William. The fact that she came home the other night, rather than stay out, leaves Susan still hopeful that she will see things their way eventually. Neil notices some estate agent details on the table. Susan, it seems, has made the logical gigantic leap from losing her job at the surgery, to having to move to Felpersham to find work. She is not going to settle for part time shop assistant at the village shop.
  • At the shop, Shula is quietly despondent to find that Kenton has invited Betty and Mike to their “small family party”. Jenny comes in and is delighted to discover that Shula has a picture of Christine opening the stables which she (Jenny) wants to use on her website. She will call round later to collect it.
  • Emma discovers the estate agents details and is furious. She clearly does not want to leave Ambridge, and threatens to move in with William if Susans Felpersham plans come to anything.
  • Down trodden Neil is off-loading onto Betty about his latest domestic situation. He still feels that Susan would prefer him to have a white-collar job, does not wish to move to Felpersham either, and is not happy about the thought of Emma sleeping with William (couched in language surrounding going away together for the weekend).
  • Elizabeth is lunching with Shula and Alistair. Joe Grundy is the latest party invitee though this time it’s Alastair who’s been doing the inviting. Jenny arrives to collect the photo, and expresses how busy and tired poor Brian is these days, having to constantly disappear off to meetings. When she leaves Elizabeth can hardly contain her outrage. It emerges that Shula and Alistair know about Brian’s affair with Siobhán too. Elizabeth is all for telling Jenny exactly what’s going on, but Shula persuades her otherwise, and is categoric that they do not tell anyone else about it either, including (and especially) the wide mouthed Kenton.

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