More digger run-ins between Eddie and Lynda; Brian’s frequent absences are causing Debbie to lose patience.

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  • Eddie and Clarrie are moaning about Ed – Eddie thinks Oliver inspires more enthusiasm in Ed than he does. Clarrie is distraught at Eddies plans to practise his ‘Disco Diggers’ with Fat Paul over at the Snells’ paddock. Eddie assures her everything will be fine….
  • Debbie calls to see David to let him know about a slight delay to the harvest of Brookfield barley. It seems that Brian’s absence has been the cause – away overnight visiting a ‘friend’!!! Ruth arrives with a picnic for David, so Debbie leaves, though not before a remark about Simon being out all hours these days partying with his students – trouble to come maybe? Later on, David and Ruth discuss the rumours surrounding Kenton and Kathy. Ruth thinks there may be something in it, though David can’t imagine what either of them can possibly see in the other.
  • Lynda is outraged to discover Eddie and Fat Paul practising in their diggers on her paddock. Jennifer is watching, totally captivated. Lynda is all set to call the police (again) until Eddie assures her they are just leaving – permanently! However, Eddie returns his digger to the paddock, followed by an angry visit from Lynda. He assures her that digger and animals will be gone as soon as the fete has been and gone. (Hmmm??)
  • Debbie and Jenny are chatting – Brian is away again, had to go and see ‘someone’. Debbie is not amused, and particularly curious as to where he might be, particularly as he promised to help more on the farm. Despite Jenny’s protestations, Debbie thinks that Brian’s promises are worth nothing.

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