Siobhán is burgled and Brian earns rather more credit than during her last crisis.

Radio Times: Elizabeth plays gooseberry.

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  • Nigel is trying to hatch Scots Dumpies on the filing Cabinet but that is nothing as to Kenton not producing the rota of volunteer guides. And of the people he has come up with, one of them is Lynda. She’ll be criticising their authenticity all the time. They’ll have to give him one last chance – they don’t have time. A phone call comes through to say Siobhán has been burgled (oh no! the photograph!).
  • William and Emma are having a great day at the game fair. It’s a pity her parents won’t trust her a bit. It’s been worse since the accident. They seem to think she might suddenly disappear.
  • Siobhán is very upset. They’ve taken her jewellery and her water-colours. She feels she’s really been attacked personally. The police think they must have been watching her. It looks like a professional job. Elizabeth is about to go for a duster to help clear up when Brian appears. Rather a shock to both parties. Brian is suddenly rather more concerned about Elizabeth than Siobhán.
  • Meg was second in her class. Nearly as good as William’s shooting. It would be nice to book in somewhere to stay but William has work and it would upset her parents. For her birthday they want to go somewhere pretty as well as near the clubs. Liverpool is near the Lake District so that might be good.
  • Elizabeth is furious at the way Brian is behaving. He has treated both Jennifer and Siobhán appallingly and so far he has got away with it. Nigel really doesn’t think she should get involved.
  • Siobhán is terrified at the idea of being left alone. Brian will have to pretend he’s had a few drinks to many and can’t get home. She’ll be safe with him.

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