Predictably, Susan and Neil reject the idea of funding Emma’s weekend away with a Grundy.

Radio Times: Private dancer.

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  • Usha is visiting Brookfield with her new digital camera. She wants to take pictures of Ruth and the kids but she manages to cut Ruth’s head off. Good idea. The children have been looking for Demeter but she hasn’t turned up yet.
  • Emma is very excited about the game fair. It’s her first time. Caroline wonders if she learnt ballroom dancing at school, it used to be part of every young lady’s education. Mike is getting ready for his first dancing lesson but is very keen to keep it a secret. He is having great fun winding Jennifer up about the hulking great brutes Darrington are lining up for the fete football match.
  • Susan still hasn’t found another job. Neil thinks they should have given her more help – she’s the best worker they’ve got (if you like medical receptionists who don’t speak to their bosses and leak patients’ details all over the village). They are still worried about Emma going to the game fair and if they give her money for a hotel for her for her birthday they are paying her to sleep with William. Neil doesn’t trust those Grundys.
  • Mike’s dancing lesson goes well. It takes it out of you though but Caroline is sure he’ll be up to scratch after the five weeks before the dinner dance. He has a natural sense of rhythm and a good awareness of his own physicality (what?).
  • Jennifer’s archive project on the net is progressing well. She is learning about the wonderful magic of hyperlinks today. But she has to collect the money for the riding course leaving Usha to do all the work.
  • Susan tries to persuade Emma to have a party for her birthday but Emma knows its just that they don’t want her to go away with William. It all ends in a row and the way Emma is feeling now Susan wouldn’t be surprised if Emma didn’t even want to come back after the game fair.

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