Lynda sends the boys in blue to see Eddie – about suspected goat-napping.

Radio Times: Neighbours at war.

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  • Lynda now thinks Eddie has gone in for goatnapping. Demeter has disappeared. He is doing this for revenge over the digger. Clarrie doesn’t think it could be Eddie but Lynda says they can’t say she hasn’t warned them. Ed and Fallon just think its funny. They have bigger problems with Sid and the new singer. What if they lose Stu? They’d better wait and see what the singer is like.
  • Brian is worried about the weather and Debbie seems to be winding down. He’s had rather a go at her. David thinks she’s being unfair – there aren’t many better managers.
  • Sid still doesn’t trust Dross. He keeps expecting to find Jazzer there. The new singer – Ash – does have a great voice but Ed is worried it’s turning into a college band and he feels excluded.
  • Clarrie and Eddie are settling in for the night. He really had nothing to do with the goat disappearing. But they are then disturbed by the ominous knock of the police at the door.
  • David and Brian try to convince Lynda that Demeter has gone off on her own to die. She isn’t convinced. In the meantime it seems Kenton has persuaded Lynda to be one of his guides – she could be one of his mistresses. David finds that a little hard to believe.
  • Eddie confronts Lynda over the police visit. They could have sorted this out between them. Look at how they helped her during her flood. Clarrie tries to mediate. Eddie does say he is sorry about the digger and promises to sort it out as soon as he can. But Lynda just won’t rest until she knows what has happened to poor Demeter.

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