Susan considers moving away from Ambridge; predictably, Neil baulks at the very idea.

Radio Times: Kenton’s very much the family man.

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  • The reallocation of the patients from the surgery has proved difficult. There seem to be lots of odd decisions. Susan is pretty irritated that people might dare to ask her questions about it – its only her job after all. Kathy seems to think the Pencil Musuem in Kendal outdoes Nashville as a holiday destination. Kenton seems to have decided that bribing Jamie with chocolates is the way to Kathy’s heart.
  • Eddie still hasn’t moved the digger. Neil doubts he will either. Neil is still worried about Emma and William going to the game fair but Susan is more worried about her problems. The practice manager has found a new job so maybe Susan will have to look further away. They might even move. But Neil isn’t keen.
  • Roy is worried that Darrington will outweigh Ambridge in the football. Ambridge is going to need to think about tactics.
  • The great excitement of the wild flower for Borsetshire continues (Yawn). As if a village the size of Ambridge is going to affect the outcome – and as if anyone cares!
  • Emma has decided that she would like to celebrate her birthday by going away for a few days with William. Maybe Neil and Susan will even provide some money – how awfully likely.
  • Kathy and Kenton have had another successful date. Kissing manners are clearly no better than table manners in Ambridge. More dates to come unfortunately.

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