Siobhán feels baby’s first kick; Lynda prepares finally to kick out Eddie’s digger.

Radio Times: Siobhán feels a flutter.

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  • Finally Lynda notices it is summer and rediscovers her hayfever. She’s pretty fed up with Eddie for dumping his digger back in her paddock. She doesn’t know what to do. The Council aren’t interested. She is also planning for the Borsetshire wild flower – the Early Gentian is the obvious choice while Caroline thinks that might put the very rare flower at risk. Caroline has secured Lord Netherbourne for referee for the fete football. He’s all for reviving ancient traditions but Lynda still thinks its barbaric.
  • Siobhán has been out buying maternity clothes. Not much choice of evening wear for the heavily pregnant. The baby clearly also disapproves of the choice by moving for the first time. He’s obviously going to play for Ireland.
  • Ed is still worried about Dross. They are going to try out a new singer but Stuart says he’s going to leave if they replace Jazzer. It would be better if Jazzer was allowed back into the Bull but Sid is still against it.
  • Oliver is leaving Ed in charge while he is away. Caroline thinks he is very brave but Oliver thinks he can be conscientious. They are also now going into ballroom dancing training to get Mike up to speed for the cricket club dinner dance.
  • Eddie is still fed up that Ed is working for Oliver. Ed finds it very frustrating – it’s work after all. Lynda is thinking of just about every reason she can to make Eddie get rid of the digger to very little effect. She warns them she’s planning on calling the police but Eddie thinks she’ll get over it.

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