Kenton leads Shula a dance over their party, Mike is reluctant to dance and Eddie will dance with diggers!

Radio Times: A disco with a difference.

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  • Mike is having problems with his milk round customers. But they won’t get a better service anywhere. Mike is pleased Betty just sticks up for him. He’s a lucky man. He’s not sure showing he appreciates her quite enough to take her to the Cricket Club Dinner Dance. Mike’s not sure he can compete with Fred Astaire (too right there!).
  • The plans for extending the stable are coming on, Lewis has come up with some very sympathetic plans. Kenton rather fancies Janet as an 18th century vicar for the Lower Loxley celebrations. Not wholly accurate as Shula points out. Shula is not totally convinced about Kathy as a birthday dinner guest but she supposes she can find room.
  • The digger is back in the paddock which isn’t impressing Lynda. But Eddie and his mate Paul think they can beat Fred Astaire with the disco diggers. Might have to do a bit of practice. Joe isn’t convinced it’s a good idea but it might work out.
  • The cricket team seems to be doing very well, as are the numbers for the birthday celebration – Brenda and Mike are on the list now. Sounds like a quite bash. What with Roy, Hayley and Marjorie as well … But it’s okay. Kenton is going to take care of the drinks.
  • Joe and Eddie have had rather a good time at the Bull but they need to avoid winding Lynda up anymore. She’s concerned about over grazing in the paddock but what would a stuck up Home Counties type like her know. The main trouble is the digger makes so much noise. But disco diggers are going to be a sensation.

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