Molly is found and Mike is pressed into a night out at Grey Gables – in a DJ.

Radio Times: Phil is on Molly’s trail.

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  • Tom is looking for Neil at Willow Farm to help him move some pig arks. Ed is turning the compost again and Mike is not happy – again! This time he adds Neil’s weight to his demand that the digger must go, and soon.
  • Roy calls in on his Mum to find her still listening dreamily to Fred Astaire numbers. Betty will be delighted have Phoebe overnight tomorrow so that he and Hayley can go to a party. Mike blusters in, complains about the music and gives Roy short shrift when he suggests taking Betty to the 30s Dinner Dance. Monkey suit and shiny shoes? He doesn’t think so!
  • Molly still hasn’t turned up. How could Kenton have been so thoughtless and stupid? Phil mitigatingly thinks of how generous he can be – yes, with other people’s money, retorts David! But then he’s so good with children … Anyway, the job at Brookfield that was Kenton’s is now going to a Hungarian student. David interviewed him over the phone and offered him a six-month contract. Ruth rings – Molly has been found at Bridge Farm in with Tom’s fatteners.
  • Betty offers to get Clarrie to tell Eddie to move the digger. That should work! Roy thinks that Mike should now return the favour and definitely treat Betty to the Dinner Dance – so watch this space …
  • At Bridge Farm, David and Phil are collecting Molly. Judging by how far she has travelled, she’s had a lucky escape – but Tom’s electric fences haven’t fared so well. Molly managed to walk through two and now he has several groups of pigs mixed up within the herd. Phil offers to help sort them out.
  • Roy is concerned about the lack of interest in the traditional football match – only Ed and Tom have turned up to support him. They feel uncertain about the lack of rules but think it could be quite a laugh. One thing’s for sure – they must get a decent team together or Darrington will have the last laugh by walking it …

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