Kenton and Kathy have a date at Bannister’s; Molly the pig takes flight.

Radio Times: Kathy is enjoying the attention.

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  • Kenton is well into the role of Uncle Cedric and regaling Kathy with the fruits of his research – apparently he (Cedric) put a new slant on the etchings ploy by creating a small observatory at the top of his folly for studying heavenly bodies. He would then invite vulnerable scullery maids to “Come with me girl, and I’ll show you Heaven”! Elizabeth calls Kathy away to help Nigel arrange a special dinner for the computer firm. She is intrigued at Kenton’s proposed date with Kathy at Bannister’s but is unable to let him borrow her car, and dubious about the fairness of asking their mother again. He wheedles a lift to Brookfield though, to see what brother Dave’s plans are.
  • The harvest has started brilliantly – all down to Debbie, says David to Shula. Nine tons a hectare – just one of those seasons, responds Debbie, when everything has gone right. The market however, will probably still not allow them to break even despite such a fantastic crop – a tragedy. Ruth arrives home with the children and seems pleased that David has made tea for everyone. Apparently they are all awaiting the call to play a crowd scene for Phil and Molly – part of her strict training for the County Show. But Ruth must feed Ben first. As Shula leaves, Debbie tells David she has a night off – Brian is going to do the late shift on the combine, much to her delight. He’s really throwing himself into the farm at the moment! But how long will it last? And it sounds as if Simon is up to his old tricks again (my words, not Debbie’s) – feels it’s part of his job to attend all the student leaving parties, so poor old Debbie has no chance of a night out.
  • Shula meets Kenton and Elizabeth in the yard – Kenton wants to discuss a big outrageous party bash for his and Shula’s 44th in a few weeks time – Shula would rather have a (“So boring!”) dinner party than go clubbing (“We’d get arrested at our age!!”) as Kenton and Elizabeth would fancy. Time for the crowd scene so the extra bodies are roped in to laugh raucously, put up umbrellas, make mobiles ring and generally behave noisily. Elizabeth remarks that she’s done a lot of things in her time but performing for a pig is a new one! (Although doesn’t Cameron Frazer spring to mind … ?) Molly behaves impeccably as Phil leads her past the hubbub until Kenton, in the interest of agricultural show reality, starts up the tractor. Shula is grounded by the fleeing pig and Kenton is lashed yet again by David’s tongue for being childish.
  • Debbie, David and Bert have searched fruitlessly for Molly – Phil is not too worried but is going to have a last look in the wood. Elizabeth accompanies him.
  • Kenton and Kathy are at Bannister’s chatting about his siblings’ various reactions to Molly’s disappearance. He hopes his persona non grata status with David is not echoed by Kathy. Just the opposite, she affirms and adds that Jamie wants Kenton to be at his birthday party.
  • Phil and Elizabeth give up the hunt for Molly, feeling confident that she will turn up tomorrow.
  • Bannister’s was not Nelson’s, but the company was perfect, the kissing is now noisy and that will have to do for tonight! Kathy doesn’t (thank goodness!) let Kenton in the house this time but is (oh dear!) already anticipating next time …! (Just for the record, Kathy is five years older than Kenton; ref: The Archers Encyclopaedia.)

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