Another of those episodes where nothing really happens!

Radio Times: Ruth is in a mess.

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  • David has only fifteen minutes for lunch. Ruth hasn’t made any and is in high dudgeon about the mess at Brookfield. She’s trying to clean up before Freda comes to clean up. David tries to reassure her that not everyone thinks the place is always a tip – but of course he did tell his mother last night on the phone that he couldn’t find the current copy of Farmer’s Weekly because of all the rubbish in the kitchen … and Bert, who is ready to go off with the trailer to where Debbie is combining, is not prepared to disclose what Freda usually thinks about the state of the house before she cleans it. You see – I was right, says Ruth.
  • Dross, or at least Fallon and Ed, are at the venue for their first big gig. They’re nervous in case the others don’t turn up and they fill in a few minutes saying nothing much about anything except the cattle at Grange Farm.
  • The winter barley is coming in fine – at about 16%, David tells Bert. Ruth, with Ben and Josh in tow expects to be invited to tea at Grandma’s when she takes the magazine over. Is she trying to avoid Freda by any chance? Does she want David to phone her when it’s safe to return home??
  • Still waiting for the others, Fallon and Ed discuss the state of the toilets. Jazzer arrives with the van and the gear – the duo is not too happy about the prospect of his being in the audience.
  • David is already in the bath when Ruth gets home, having trailed straw all the way from kitchen up to bathroom – she reacts as any woman would and turns the cold tap on him, especially after he singles out her steak and kidney pie for critical comparison with Jill’s.
  • Dross’s performance was great! fab!!, according to them! Even Jazzer thought so. Ed agrees that he has learned a lot from him. Fallon thanks him for setting up the gear. Jazzer says he’s got his uses.

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