Tim and Siobhán are reaching the next stage; the divorce hearing has been booked.

Radio Times: Lynda objects to some rough and tumble.

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  • Tim has had a bad morning with unhappy patients giving him a hard time at the surgery – so he calls in on Janet for just what he needs. No, not the steamy action we’re all hoping for, just something that requires helping himself to milk! (Come on you two – it’s been ages since Shula and Richard, and Sid and Jolene in the shower!) They platonically discuss Susan’s imminent unemployment problem, Tim’s hearing about a locum job in Islington which would leave him flexible to join Janet anywhere if the perfect parish came up and that he’ll call in on Siobhán later to bring her up to speed. They should now be able to sell the cottage, which will release capital for her to find a place more suitable in which to bring up her child – they both need to move on now, he declares.
  • Shula meets George outside the Village hall. He’s grumbling about the lack of drawing pins and posting a notice informing folk about choosing their favourite wild flower for the County Flowers Project. Apparently it’s a national campaign for Jubilee Year to select appropriate ones to be a county symbols. George suggests too, a photo competition of people’s favourites for the village show. Shula reminds him about the big countryside march on September 22nd and he puts his and Christine’s names down for the coach.
  • Lynda is having a pre-committee go at Jennifer about the show (Usha is willing to tell fortunes again, she’s had plenty of cross words with Joe recently but not yet about the pony and trap – so Jennifer will do that – and she (Lynda – the eternal good egg) has been roped in to help Tom and Kirstie with the barbeque) – in particular the ‘football’. She is having great and earnest misgivings about its getting out of hand and spoiling the other traditional activities. Luckily Shula arrives for more names for the march coach so Lynda changes tack and voices some of her anti-hunt feelings.
  • The divorce hearing has been booked for 16th August in the County Court, says Siobhán. Might as well get on with it, says Tim. The mention of Islington seems to cause Siobhán some quiet anguish. They concur that the cottage will sell quickly (they went for it, others will too – the ideal place to bring up children) and that she will pop over to pick up the few things she wants when he starts packing up as soon as the surgery closes for good. No point in looking back – they both need a fresh start. It’s very exciting for both of them. “So you’re happy then?” poses Siobhán. “Happy … “. “Hasn’t taken you long … “
  • Now at the committee meeting and still on her high horse, Lynda is apologetic but adamant that she considers the whole ‘football’ idea totally unsuitable. Jennifer says it’s just a bit of fun, Lynda says that it could turn out to be mayhem, George adds that there is no love lost between Ambridge and Darrington, Janet asks for Jennifer to clarify the rules, which she does.
  • They decide to get Caroline to ask Lord Netherbourne to referee the match and the general consensus is that it will be excellent all-round traditional inter-village rivalry, a chance for the young to let off steam and a jolly good laugh. Lynda sniffily backs down but utters a proverbial “if it all goes wrong, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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