Neil turns on Ed and the digger, Ed turns on Fallon and Jazzer turns on Dross.

Radio Times: Dross in despair.

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  • Ed is turning compost with the infamous digger, much to Neil Carter’s annoyance, anger, frustration and all the other negative emotions you can think of. He doubts Ed’s every word, whether it be about his ability to drive the digger, or Eddie’s landscaping contracts or Oliver Stirling’s promise of employment … he’s only really worried about his fence and his pigs and boy, does he let Ed know!
  • William has called to see Emma but she’s going to be late home, so Susan makes a cup of tea for them both. She’s had ‘one of them days’ at the surgery, dealing with all the extra paper work and the patients who are angry about the closure. She takes the opportunity to quiz William about what Emma might like for her 18th – but he’s no idea what to get her himself. Susan and Neil have thought about driving lessons but the cost of them and the ensuing expenses – a car, insurance, etc. have made them think again. Has Emma mentioned anything about learning to drive? Once or twice, says William but she doesn’t appear to be in any hurry – after all they have his car to use. Neil arrives home, obviously still sore at Ed and the digger. William agrees with all Neil’s sentiments about his brother.
  • Fallon and Ed are setting up in the Bull for a rehearsal. Ed is going to be Dross’s temporary new singer and Fallon encourages him by mentioning that his having a go impressed Peggy. He’s not in a very good mood and bites her head off, ostensibly about her new relationship with Peggy. But Fallon realises there’s more to it than that and persuades Ed to talk further – he’s sick of people putting him down just so that they can say ‘I told you so’ when he messes up. ‘They’ arrive, including the ‘he’ who can’t come in – Ed thinks he’s just here to cause trouble.
  • William is still waiting for Emma, but decides to go to the Bull and see her there later. Before he leaves he asks if Emma has mentioned the Game Fair. Gregg has given him the day off so he’ll be going. Neil and Susan are unaware that William wants Emma to accompany him, and obviously not keen on the idea. They want to discuss it with her first. Susan thinks he is a sensible boy but Neil cannot see beyond his being a Grundy.
  • He who can’t go in is hanging around outside the Bull when William arrives. They both agree that Ed’s singing is abysmal. Jazzer feels that Dross was going nowhere until his input changed their direction, and now they don’t want him because he can’t remember the words.
  • Fallon thinks Ed’s singing was cool – she likes the rough edge to his voice. Outside, Jazzer’s anger spills over and he tells them exactly what he thinks of Ed’s singing and that if he’s out of the band, Stu probably won’t turn up for the gig on Wednesday. Great, says Ed, our best gig yet and we’re going to lose half the band – just great …

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