Kenton gets a new task and arranges a date with Kathy.

Radio Times: Kenton takes on a new role.

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  • So the honeymoon is over and Jolene and Sid have returned with Nashville gifts for everyone – including a baseball/golf type hat for Jack with “I love Dollywood” on the front! (Hardly the thing for the bar, muses Jack but good for keeping the sun out of his eyes in the Bull beer garden.) Apparently Peggy has hung her genuine Native American Dream Catcher at their bedroom window and thinks it ‘very nice’ … mmm! Sid throws himself into a demonstration of the Turkey Strut – just as he did in the Wild Horse Saloon – but ends up breaking a glass! (Surely he wasn’t dancing on the bar??) Judging by the sound of the smile on Jolene’s face, he threw himself into everything else as well while they were away. What a man!! Jack and Peggy’s meal is on the house, insist Jolene and Sid, as a thank you for all their help during the past week.
  • Kenton thinks Borchester is bad for his brain – he’s not getting enough stimulation and it’s probably shrinking … ? Kathy suggests he should get out more, but where? They reminisce about Nelson’s Wine Bar where the conversation was always civilised, and the proprietor could always be relied upon to be discreet … and they trawl each other’s murky past for a moment or two! Bannister’s is mentioned – not on the same level as Nelson’s but it whets Kenton’s appetite. Julia appears and requires Kenton’s attention to a little discovery – but she won’t discuss it in front of ‘staff’, i.e. Kathy! Kenton asks her when they are going to check out Bannister’s. Is this a date? enquires an incredulous Kathy.
  • Over lunch, Julia reveals to Nigel that she has been looking through Charles Pargetter’s diaries and found several scurrilous skeletons. Apparently one Uncle Cedric used to use his folly for trysts with domestic servants (particularly female ones) and Julia can see one or two resemblances to Kenton. Nigel is not so sure but Julia is convinced that Kenton could take on the part of Cedric in the pageant and ‘be rather good at it’. Kenton obviously fancies the idea, especially the lurking about in the folly looking rather sinister!
  • Jack is viewing the honeymoon snaps with enthusiasm – Sid warns him that there are videos too! Fallon is off out, looking smart in her Nashville jacket complete with fringes. Jack takes the snaps to show Peggy – the only thing is, says Jack, once she’s seen them she’ll be wanting them to book up themselves!
  • Kenton is propositioning Kathy as Uncle Cedric, voice and all – she thinks he slips into role rather too easily. Does he admire Cedric’s antics? And what about all the poor girls who said “No” – they’d have lost their jobs no doubt. Should she really be considering going out with such a man? Nigel intervenes (obviously irritated that Kathy is occupied otherwise than at what she is paid for) and tells Kenton he is now in charge of recruiting more guides for the anniversary celebrations – Kenton is a talented chap who needs to be kept busy, says Nigel and perhaps if he is, the rest of the staff will be able to get a bit more work done. He’s glad they understand each other – they do, don’t they? Absolutely, says Kenton … (and we’ve seen it all before in the movies … )

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