Neighbours rally round, leaving Pat and Tony free to worry full-time about Helen.

Radio Times: All hands to the pump at Bridge Farm.

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  • Pat is staying by her bedside, even though Helen is now sleeping peacefully. They thought Helen was going to die.
  • Adam has had a call from one of the Ukrainians, claiming to have been underpaid for his strawberry picking. He will have to check through the accounts.
  • Tony has come home to pick up a few things and has found David in control of the milking – the cows are fine. Ian turns up as planned to talk about buying vegetables but he is very understanding and sends Tony on his way. He was not entirely surprised as she seems to have been just fading away.
  • Helen is asleep again by the time Tony gets back to the hospital. They want to keep her in for another night. It seems she had eaten nothing for two days and was very dehydrated. They are concerned about her state of mind; she needs to see a psychiatrist.
  • Adam’s search through the accounts has proved that the Ukrainian has been paid in full. However, he has also discovered that he is being short-changed: Debbie is getting £5K pa more than he is. Just to put the cap on it, Ian has phoned to cancel their day out on Friday because he has had to fire his sous-chef. David calls to give an update on matters at Bridge Farm and to seek some cover for their vegetable deliveries tomorrow.
  • Pat explains to the doctor that Helen’s visit to the Eating Disorder Clinic was a disaster and she does not think that Helen will accept being admitted to a psychiatric ward. She might go to the clinic near Felpersham, the Wellborough, but she would have to be referred there, and by a psychiatrist from the EDC. Make the appointment; Helen will agree; just leave that to Pat.

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