Brian sets his step-children in competition – and enjoys it.

Radio Times: Brian encourages some unhealthy competition.

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  • Helen seems much calmer and apologetic, as they take her to Felpersham; the clinic is near Victoria Park. However she is making no promises and is not at all sure that she can stop. But she will give it a try.
  • When Brian, Debbie and Adam have a meeting at Home Farm, Adam comes straight to the point. Brian explains that Debbie is being paid what she got before going to France. Adam, fresh from Africa and with much to learn, got less when he arrived. From now on they will be on a par. However, the farm cannot sustain three salaries, so they need to generate a substantial increase in income; Adam and Debbie must sharpen their act and set the farm buzzing.
  • Debbie comments to Brian that this is a strange time to increase Adam’s salary, when he is taking one day per week to do a course. She declines help from Adam; she can manage. Jennifer does not like to see her children at odds; there never used to be this edge to their relationship. Brian thinks it is rather good!
  • Pat reports progress to Peggy. Helen has settled into the clinic, in an NHS bed too, so no crisis of conscience for Pat. Immediately they arrived, another patient made friends and Helen seems to get on well with her key worker. They have been advised to limit their visits for the first week. Meanwhile, back on the farm, everyone has rallied round to help with the work; their repayment will be seeing Helen well and happy again.

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