Did he jump or was he pushed? Sid decides to step down as cricket club manager.

Radio Times: Alistair takes The Bull by the horns.

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  • Neil has been so busy this week, helping with Tom’s pigs, that his house has hardly had any attention. Christopher has passed his forging certificate (sounds illegal until you remember he wants to be a farrier) but that will not cut any ice with Susan. Alistair reckons he will be a rich man when qualified – ask Shula! Neither of them thinks that Sid will buy Robert’s idea of standing down from the cricket team to induce Adam to stay.
  • Sid is really cross that Jolene is running out on The Bull at a critical time and he nearly tells Alistair why but stops just in time. Alistair explains about Darrington’s approach to Adam and how ‘all’ of the team would prefer Sid to step down. No way! Sid is happy with things as they are; if Adam has a problem, just let him go.
  • Julia is being insufferable again, telling the children they have a beautiful and famous grandmother, so Elizabeth has escaped to Brookfield. She returns home with a picture of her own mother – very attractive in her youth – to put Julia’s nose out. Alistair calls to report his failure to David.
  • Later, in The Bull, Neil feels the need to go and lay bricks but is easily persuaded to have another drink. Sid confides in him and David that he has decided to stand down – getting older, busy with the pub, etc … They assure him this is absolutely the right thing.
  • At Bridge Farm, Helen has called and actually cracked a joke. Tony, reacting to a remark Pat made earlier to David, wonders if Pat is blaming herself – which she mustn’t do. At least Helen is getting the right treatment; one day she will get well again – won’t she?

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