Will and Emma are back and break the news about the “honeymoon baby”.

Radio Times: Clarrie and Susan get a big surprise.

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  • Clarrie and Susan are preparing for the return of the honeymooners. Clarrie thinks it’s a pity they can’t move straight into the cottage but Susan isn’t sure. It’s got a funny atmosphere.
  • Neil is having trouble finding time to work on the house. Last week was a bit of a write-off. Sid is now asking who has been plotting against him. Robert denied it was him but at least Sid has done the decent thing now. Tom is looking for someone to do afternoon milking. Neil and David can’t help. He seems pretty fed up. It wouldn’t normally be a big deal but he really wants Pat to get out but he can’t let Kirsty down and he promised her he would drive her to her Mum’s.
  • Tom is even more upset after a phone call from Helen. She says she’s had enough and wants to come home. Pat wanted to drop everything and go and get her but that is exactly what the clinic told them not to do. Eventually, Pat agreed not to go – tough love.
  • Will and Emma have had a great time. Emma is looking positively radiant! The wedding seems so long ago, they can hardly remember. They’ve even been to visit Great Yarmouth to see Rosie. They are both very happy. They broke the news about the baby. Susan is a bit startled but Clarrie is thrilled – a honeymoon baby, isn’t that romantic!

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