Susan admits she is upset about the baby, Pat is in a state about Helen and Mike and Neil have another row.

Radio Times: The pressure takes its toll on Pat.

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  • Problems with the temporary delivery man at Bridge Farm. Pat looks exhausted. She really doesn’t know how Helen is getting on. She thought she was okay but after yesterday’s phone call she isn’t sure. Pat just doesn’t know if they’ve done the right thing. Her keyworker says she’s basically okay.
  • Neil admits to Mike that Susan isn’t thrilled Emma is pregnant. She wishes they had waited. At least they were married. More than Roy was when Kate got pregnant. Susan says she is pleased though – who wouldn’t be to see them so happy. In the meantime, Mike and Neil are squabbling about the walls on their house – Mike walks out in a huff.
  • Susan admits to Betty she was disappointed. She really thought Emma wanted a bit of a career. What was it all for, going to college and getting an NVQ? Jennifer wants Emma to choose the colours for the cottage walls but Susan isn’t sure she will want to – she wasn’t so keen on moving in anyway.
  • Mike is furious with Pat for driving into the back of him and breaking his brake light. Jennifer takes Pat home while Betty tries to calm him down. She is cross he doesn’t realise the state she’s in. But he’s pretty fed up too after his row with Neil.
  • Betty tries to get Mike to apologise to Pat and to Neil. He will apologise to Pat but know way is he going to apologise to Neil. Susan thinks they will make it up soon enough anyway. But she is upset about Emma. It’s just not what she wanted for her and it’s not as if she’s got any money. Susan hoped Emma might even have run a hotel like Grey Gables. Susan could have done so much with her life if only she hadn’t had children so young.

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