Mel wants Kenton to fly out to New Zealand to look after Meriel and Lynda’s version of a Christmas Carol is going to be “gender blind”!

Radio Times: Kenton feels his parental responsibility.

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  • Kenton is complaining that Emma will be leaving to have the baby but she says it will only be a little time off next April. It means they will have to move into the cottage but at least she can help with the redecorating. Kenton in the meantime gets an odd phone call from Mel. She needs treatment for her back and expects Kenton to drop everything to go to New Zealand to look after Meriel.
  • Lynda is trying to persuade Shula to get involved in fund raising for the Cat and Fiddle and is trying to get everyone involved in her auditions for the Christmas Carol. She’s looking for a “gender blind” production. No reason why the ghosts shouldn’t be women.
  • Susan is suddenly a bit more impressed now she learns how much Ronnie the Farrier charges – and she learns that Ronnie looks after Netherbourne Hall too. Shula says Christopher could easily earn £40-75,000.
  • Kenton rushes to Kathy with the news about Meriel. Life is spiralling out of control. Mel wants him to go next week but Kathy says it’s completely impractical – how would he even afford the ticket. She wants to talk him out of it but she’s not sure he was even listening.
  • Susan and Emma are really pleased with the way the new cottage looks. They’ve really done it well. 5 star luxury! They’ll have to work out how to get some more furniture – they have spent so much on the wedding and the honeymoon and they’ll need what’s left for the baby. Maybe the auction at Grey Gables will have something.

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