Oliver is still fund raising for the hunt campaign while Joe and Eddie are preparing a different sort of party for bringing the cider home.

Radio Times: Mike and Neil bury the hatchet.

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  • Mike has invited Pat and Tony round for a barbeque – partly to show there are no hard feelings over the accident. But he isn’t prepared to apologise to Neil, the ball is in his court.
  • Oliver is planning a big dinner for the hunt campaign. Eddie and Joe won’t be welcome without a substantial donation. Eddie is thinking about a posh cider this year from Oliver’s crop – maybe a Borchester Beauty Special. But there may not be enough apples – unless Brookfield can provide some.
  • Betty is planning to give Phoebe some chickens – Silkies – for her birthday. She wants to give her something special. Clarrie is pleased at how happy William is about the baby. It’s just a pity that Kenton is disappearing off to New Zealand leaving Emma in the lurch. She hasn’t heard from Ed though. Neil turns up to “have a word” with Mike.
  • Neil tells Mike how well he thinks he’s he has done with the brick laying. They make up and shake hands “figuratively” to avoid the fish guts! Mike will be back tomorrow. Means they won’t have time to help out Eddie with the apple picking. So Eddie and Joe decide to prepare a good old fashioned cider party for anyone who helps pick the apples.
  • Lilian rings Oliver to confirm she and Matt will come to the dinner but he doesn’t think Caroline will be impressed. Clarrie calls to ask about Ed and at least Oliver can say he knows the farm manager is impressed with him. But best not to ask Ed to call – he wouldn’t want to think his Mum was fussing.
  • Phoebe is naming her Silkies – Blossom, Snowdrop and Alfred – after the king who burnt the cakes. Maybe she could even enter them for a show.

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