Jack is increasingly confused. Kenton has set up his trip to New Zealand. Ruth has been cast in the Christmas panto.

Radio Times: Ruth finds herself in the limelight.

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  • Jack is looking at the new decor. He seems a bit confused about what is new and what isn’t. But he does like it. He hopes the guests like it too. Then he wanders off while Roy is called to reception – he’d got completely lost. Kenton tries to explain to him he will be abandoning the cafe to look after Meriel. Jack is increasingly muddled about what is going on with Emma and the baby.
  • Jill has landed Ruth with the harvest supper in the Brookfield barn. She’d forgotten that Brookfield wasn’t hers anymore. She wants to combine it with Apple Day again. They suddenly find Eddie swinging through the trees in the orchard. He’s interested in making a special brew of Borchester Beauty as well as encouraging people to join Eddie’s Scrumpy Club.
  • Elizabeth is back from a treat in Barcelona. It was heaven – a 5 star hotel – lots of lovely tapas. Kenton has seen the cast list for a Christmas Carol. Ruth has been cast as Belle – she didn’t even know she’d auditioned! Jill is horrified to find Kenton is disappearing to New Zealand without even know Mel actually wants him. But it’s all settled and the ticket is bought and he’s off!

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