Helen is pleading to leave the clinic. Jennifer offers to provide the basics so Will and Emma can move into the cottage.

Radio Times: Jennifer plays fairy godmother.

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  • Emma and William visit Bridge Farm to see what furniture they can borrow from the Carters but Emma isn’t impressed. She hated most of it when she was growing up. The trouble is even finding the time to go to anywhere to buy anything cheap from what’s left from her compensation.
  • Tony and Pat visit Helen. She seems pretty miserable. Everyone is watching her – watching she eats, watching she doesn’t throw up afterwards. Pat points out they start out on small portions so they can’t be that massive. Helen tries to claim she’s better and wants to come home but Tony and Pat stand firm.
  • Pat and Tony explain to Peggy that the visit started off well but then went down hill. Helen was pleading to come home. Pat understands now why they were asked to limit their visits. Her keyworker says she is doing much the same as other patients and will feel better when she starts taking a bit more nourishment. Peggy suggests she can help out with the shop. Tony isn’t sure but Pat is relieved.
  • Will tries to convince Emma to move into the cottage, even with borrowed furniture. She isn’t impressed. But then Jennifer appears as a fairy godmother offering to provide the basics for them to move in. Emma can’t believe it; everything is turning out to be so perfect.

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