William worries about Susan’s reaction to Emma’s “honeymoon” pregnancy, when it becomes clear that it isn’t.

Radio Times: Alistair plays the hero at Brookfield.

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  • At Brookfield, the clan are gathering to celebrate Jill’s birthday but there is a sideshow – a cow that should have calved by now.
  • Uncle Alf’s present, a vacuum cleaner, is the first thing William has had from him that has worked; it is being pressed into service to clean the flat before they leave. Meanwhile Emma has chosen furniture from the catalogue.
  • There has been no news from Kenton but he is probably still in the air; Mel’s operation is on Tuesday. Pip is stuck with her maths homework; Phil is keen to help but his terminology is a bit out of date. In fact, Pip’s homework is becoming a bit of a trial: she was in tears yesterday over her French. Out in the cowshed, things are not going well; first Ruth, then Phil are called out to consult. They agree that the womb is twisted.
  • Jill is getting impatient for her birthday tea and is encouraged when Shula and Alistair arrive – only to be dragged off to the cowshed.
  • William has picked a walk with lots of kissing gates – coincidence? He is as in a dream: everything has come right at once. Although he is worried that Emma’s mum was not exactly thrilled; when it becomes obvious that the baby is not a “honeymoon baby” after all, will she be funny about it? It’s just stress from the house build – a weekend away will sort her out.
  • With much heaving and straining – and a near miss for Phil’s best trousers – a fine heifer is born; well done Alistair (not to mention the cow!). Time for tea!

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