Peggy’s “help” at Ambridge Organics does not hit the spot.

Radio Times: Kirsty has colleague trouble.

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  • Peggy arrives at Ambridge Organics to help out but seems a little reticent about doing what Kirsty needs her to do – and before she starts, how about a cup of tea and a piece of her cake, and she must ring Jack.
  • Eddie is en route to see Robert about joining his cider club and meets Lynda on the way; he is not going to take her “no” for an answer. He disappoints Lynda with the news that Joe intends to audition for the part of Scrooge; Eddie thinks the miserable old goat would be perfect for it.
  • Tom finds Kirsty having a break – or a breakdown. Peggy is driving her mad, talking incessantly to the customers when she ought to be helping to pack at the till, to speed things up. If Kirsty has one more cup of tea we’ll be able to dunk a biscuit in her.
  • Eddie continues his quest for club members: Sam and Bert are next on his list. David makes it clear that, as donor of the apples, he expects a cut. Lynda’s approach sends Eddie on his way. Phil enquires about Pip’s homework and learns that she did not finish it until 9 pm. When Lynda reaches them, it is to ask Phil to be musical director for the Christmas show, to which he readily agrees. Lynda intends to ask Sam to audition for Scrooge.
  • The shop is closed and Kirsty feels better for the large red wine Tom has bought her; she can manage an encouraging word to urge Tom to enter the Borsetshire Sausage Trail (whatever that may be) but she is much too tired to eat out tonight.

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