Neil and Eddie are rivals in spoiling their grandson.

Radio Times: Eddie and Neil get competitive.

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  • Neil has lost no time in pursuing his idea about the flat above the village shop – not directly with Peggy but via Tony.
  • Tom is surprised that Tony has already written to Graham Ryder about buying Bridge Farm: he has not been able to see Brian yet and he would not want him to hear it from anyone else. He is a bit worried about telling Brian that he wants out and then finding that Borchester Land won’t sell; Tony offers no comfort there.
  • Grandfather rivalry rears its head again: with William gone there is uncertainty and both George’s grandfathers have assumed they will be looking after him today. The solution – both will take him to the park and funfair.
  • Ed promises Emma he will check the estate agents again for a home for the three of them. Emma has heard about the proposed village shop flat but that will take forever. Emma spares a thought for Will on his first day in a new job.
  • At the fair the rivalry surfaces again as a darts challenge – which neither wins – and seemingly a contest to see who can spoil George most. It’s a wonder he isn’t sick!
  • Later, in Jaxx, Ed and Emma look at the house details Ed has brought but their deliberations are interrupted by the arrival of George and the two big kids who are looking after him. His two granddads are duly chastised and are full of remorse; when Ed takes George into the back to clean him up, he earns thanks from them both – yes, even Neil.

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