Neil needs a bigger overdraft. Jenny moves in with Lilian.

Radio Times: Jennifer takes some decisive action.

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  • Brian’s been rehearsing Adam so he’s word perfect for Will. He and Debbie weren’t going to plant that crop all along, it was only Brian’s heroic arguing that won Will the concession. Later, Adam calls in on Neil wanting him to “volunteer” for the earlier start to nets, and seems to be fishing; does Neil think more decisive leadership on the field is required?
  • Neil’s spent his bet winnings buying Susan a replacement crystal bowl from the curio shop and proffers it, bag covered in pig muck. He bumped into Mike earlier and gave his congratulations. Susan says as Mike’s friend he should be warning him to slow down. Neil refuses. Annette did wonder if Vicky had been knocked up by an early morning call from the milkman, hence the hurry. Susan puts the bowl in the cupboard next to the fridge, “only for a day or two”.
  • Neil’s biggest customer is in the hands of the receivers so he’s unlikely to get what he’s owed. County Feeds are refusing to supply more until their bills settled so Neil’s going to have to extend his bank overdraft. He thinks they’ll agree. Bridge Farm will want supplying in three months and with other producers going under his weaners will be in big demand.
  • Jenny calls on Lilian who opens the door looking a mess and breaks down. After rendering tomato soup, Jenny announces she’s staying with Lilian for a couple of days whilst they await news of Matt. Lilian’s very grateful.

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