Mike and Vicky set the date, 15th July.

Radio Times: Things move apace for Mike and Vicky.

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  • Adam just wants a drink in the pub to celebrate another year passing. Jennifer’s hoping Alice spending time with the Horrobins might make her see sense. Brian fears a grandchild in the mould of missing-link Gary Horrobin.
  • Will arrives and Brian dresses the news of his capitulation over cover crops as a great defence. His wily horse-trading has resulted in kale on Hungry Bank and winter stubble. Will is very pleased.
  • Brenda pops in hoping Vicky’s at work, but she’s not. Then Roy arrives. Mike announces the wedding date’s 15th July and fails to note the dismay amongst the shock. Vicky excuses herself. Roy tries to make an argument it’s too soon but it’s left to Brenda to spell it out. Mike’s a catch; steady income, lovely little cottage, and mortgage free. Mike thinks Brenda’s just concerned about her inheritance. Vicky’s flat is on the market and she’s moving in as his wife so Brenda needs to start getting used to the idea.

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