Neil takes charge and calls the vet; George takes charge of the vet’s new guard dog.

Radio Times: David has to answer to the council.

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  • There’s a problem at Bridge Farm. Several of the pigs are sick, and Neil can’t raise Tom on his mobile because he left it on the kitchen table. He doesn’t want to ring Alistair without Tom’s say-so, but Pat thinks he should.
  • Shula and Ruth are off to Borchester for some retail therapy, but are delayed by the Lloyds’ new guard-dog, Scruff, which covers Ruth with mud after Alistair puts him outside for barking non-stop. Scruff, it seems, just presents another problem instead of solving one.
  • Alistair takes a look at the pigs and some samples for the lab. It just could be Pig Wasting Syndrome, so they need antibiotics. Neil’s not happy; some are due for slaughter, and as organic animals, they can’t go to the abattoir with antibiotics in their system, and he still can’t get in touch with Tom. There’s nothing for it; Neil must make a managerial decision.
  • Shula and Ruth return from their shopping trip to find George doing a spot of highly successful dog-training. Scruff is a changed dog – until Alistair returns. But at least they know what Scruff’s problem is; he just doesn’t like vets.
  • Fortunately not everyone is so vindictive towards Ed. The ever-more charming Oliver is going to give him another chance, and believes Ed when he says he can be trusted.
  • The Ambridge Parish Council meeting was a sticky one for David, so George buys him a pint afterwards. Derek Fletcher and his crony have made life difficult for David with their attack on him and the the badger incident. George’s sympathies are entirely with David, but as chairman he had to allow the matter of the proper conduct of councillors to be placed on the agenda.

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