Brian throws Ed off his farm but Oliver is prepared to give him a second chance.

Radio Times: Oliver lends his support.

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  • Sonja is keen to go strawberry-picking, to earn some money for her shopping trip with Helen. Greg, as usual, puts a damper on things by having arranged a meeting with Oliver Stirling about the new drives for the shoot and Sonja doesn’t hide her feelings. But the charming Oliver tells Greg to take his daughter strawberry-picking; their meeting can wait.
  • The fact that Greg has the evening off to pick fruit means that Will is in charge of the pheasants, so Emma joins the fruit pickers to earn some extra cash and to keep out of her parents’ way. She isn’t too happy when Ed shows up and tries to persuade her to give him another chance – he intends to go straight from now on. Luckily Hayley and Phoebe arrive before Ed can upset Emma any more.
  • Sonja and Greg manage some serious bonding over the strawberries, and she tells him pointedly that she hates it when adults try to organise her life for her. She’s decided she wants to work in conservation, and is surprised when Greg points out that that is exactly what he does; he offers to show Sonja around the estate, and for once she seems keen.
  • Lord-of-the-manor Brian arrives amongst the happy strawberry-pickers and starts to throw his weight around. Poor old Ed is his chief victim. Despite his good intentions about going straight, and Emma’s attempts to stand up to Brian, Ed is ordered off the farm.
  • Fortunately not everyone is so vindictive towards Ed. The ever-more charming Oliver is going to give him another chance, and believes Ed when he says he can be trusted.

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